Georgia’s economic specialisation: Present and future

Making low-carbon technology support smarter

 When and how to support renewables - letting the data speak


Rebalancing the EU-Russia-Ukraine gas relationship

Energy Security of Georgia

Elements of Europe's energy union

Memo to the new Commissioner for Climate Policy

Memo to the new Commissioner for Energy

Can Ukraine secure enough gas for the winter? A scenario analysis

Evaluating the options to diversify gas supply in Ukraine

When and how to support renewables? Letting the data speak


Energy Competitiveness

Electricity without borders: a plan to make the internal market work

You'd better bet on the ETS

Electricity infrastructure - More border crossings or a borderless Europe?

A stochastic fuel switching model for electricity prices


Private long-term investment in uncertain times

Smart choices for growth

Investment and growth in the time of climate change

How wide is the Mediterrenean?

Cutting carbon, not the economy

The great transformation: decarbonising Europe’s energy and transport

Retailers' risk management and vertical arrangements in electricity markets

Emission Trading as a Catalyst for Energy Efficiency Improvements: Options and Potential for Moldova


Assessing the impact of the EU ETS using firm level data

Eastern European lessons for the Southern Mediterranean

Green exports and the global product space: Prospects for EU industrial policy

Is European climate policy the new CAP?

Reconciling the Single Market Objective with the Renewable Energy Objective


Power to the people of Europe

Rare earth - no case for government intervention

Catching the maximum market value of electricity storage – technical, economic and regulatory aspect

The Dynamics of Global Crude Oil  Production

Inefficient arbitrage in inter-regional electricity transmission

Implications of recent developments in global and European natural gas markets for Ukraine

Electricity Sector in Moldova: Evaluation of strategic options


Energieverbrauch in der Ukraine: Weniger ist mehr

A sensitivity analysis of economic value of different electricity storage technologies

HHI, an irrelevant indicator without a relevant market

Expected vs. Observed Storage Usage: Limits to Intertemporal Arbitrage

The EU Integration of the New Member States’ Electricity Markets – Testing for Wholesale Price Convergence Using the Kalman Filter

Ensuring EU Enlargement to New Member States

Eastern Partnership: Prospects for intensifying the Belarus - EU relations in the energy sector?

The Belarusian Electricity Sector: Financing Sources for Investments

Exporting electricity to the EU - more than switching frequencies


Restructuring the Belarusian Electricity Sector: Setting the Agenda

The case for tariff differentiation in the Belarusian electricity sector

First Evidence of Asymmetric Cost Pass-through of EU Emissions Allowances: Examining Wholesale Electricity Prices in Germany

Convergence of Electricity Wholesale Prices in Europe?

A Markov Switching Model of the Merit Order to Compare British and German Price Formation


Preisbildung und Marktmacht auf den Elektrizitätsmärkten in Deutschland

Strom Länderberichte Mittelosteuropa


DIW Weekly Bulletin on the German EU Presidency



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